Christopher Andersen

Underwater Photography

Welcome to my website. You are here, so chances are you share my passion for underwater photography. This is where I showcase my images.


Black tip reef shark

We ended the second dive of the day in the shallow bay of Koh Bida Nok. Seing black tips there a few weeks ago, I was hoping to see them again – and maybe get a better picture. When our guide shot the SMB and led the group away from the island, I left the group and...
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Low visibility wide angle photography

So you are heading out for a day of diving, all set up for wide angle photography. The weather is fantastic, and adds to your exceptions. You even have a model, and on the way out you are discussing shots and making plans. Then you descend - and the find the...
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Upon successful CPR my website is alive again. Playing around with platform and theme is quite addictive, and with available time I can finally dig deeper into it. I´m getting somewhere, and learning a lot on the way. Its alive, and soon it will...
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back to life One of the things on my to do list for 2017 is bringing back to life, and replace Facebook as the main arena to showcase my photography work. The work started on the very first morning of the year, figuring out the overall structure...
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